IST Pure + Esporta: One of our most successful contract manufacturing relationships

Since 2005, IST Pure has been working alongside Esporta Wash Systems Inc to make sure that their industrial washing machines were the best in the industry.

Esporta provides their machines to restoration contractors, so that they can process, wash and disinfect the soft-contents of a home on-site, instead of sending them out to a dry-cleaner for cleaning.

These businesses help their clients restore and remediate spaces affected by disasters such as floods and fires.

By providing these turn-key machines to their clients, Esporta allows restoration contractors to reduce their costs, and keep more of the profit in-house.

Esporta’s dilemma

Esporta is not a manufacturing company and thus was not going to start manufacturing these machines themselves.

After looking at what was available in the market, they came to the conclusion that none of the available options fully met their criteria, at an acceptable cost.

If they wanted to use an off the shelf option, they would have to make a choice: go without some desired features, compromise on durability or pay significantly more than they wanted to, which in turn would jeopardize their whole business model and potential profitability.

None of these options were acceptable.

After discovering IST Pure’s contract manufacturing service, they finally felt that they found a viable solution, that checked all of the boxes!

Together, we designed a robust industrial wash system, that was capable of washing all of the heavily soiled soft content of a home.

Why Esporta chose IST Pure as their manufacturing partner

IST Pure has been designing, manufacturing and selling machinery and equipment for over 40 years.

Throughout our history, we have gained a solid reputation of quality and durability.

Needless to say, our engineering team knows how to put together a high quality machine.

With our contract manufacturing service, our team of experts accompanies you throughout the entire process.

From designing the machine, to production and testing, our knowledgeable team of experts makes sure nothing goes unnoticed.

All of this results in a high quality, durable machine that was designed and built specifically to meet your requirements and expectations.

Interested in exploring contract manufacturing with IST Pure? Contact a product expert today!

Pictures of the Esporta Wash System