Solvent cleaning cabinet FC serie

The Next Generation of ISTpure Solvent Cleaning cabinets are specifically designed for the Flexographic industry.
Applications : Industrial & Commercial
No other solvent cleaning cabinet on the market today offers the many practical benefits included on an ISTpure FlexoClean cabinet as standard equipment.
Just look at the features : The standard components have been carefully designed for safety, ease of operation, reduced maintenance and increased productivity.

♦  General manufacturing ♦  Flexography
♦  Aerospace and aviation ♦  Lithography
♦  Marine ♦  Wood finishing
♦  Automotive ♦  Power & Energy
♦  Petroleum ♦  Pharmaceutical


  • Cabinet specifically designed to efficiently clean flexographic plate and components.
  • Liquid tight contained environment eliminates spills and hazardous chemical accidents and eliminates odours generated by the solvents.
  • The user can manually clean plates and components selecting the solvent to reduce solvent consumption and finish the cleaning process with ne w clean solvent for maximum cleaning efficiency.
  • Standard equipment includes a soft flow thru brush to access hard to reach areas and to break down dried ink leftovers.
  • Cabinet also featuring a high performance solvent pump that can be connected to an ISTpure Solvent Recycler to significantly reduce solvent consumption while maximizing cleaning performances.
  • ISTpure FlexoClean cabinets are protected by the industry’s best warranty -Two (2) years on all components.
  • Service and maintenance centers available worldwide.
  • Complies with or exceeds international safety standards. Made in Canada and CSA approved.

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