Parts washer serie M2424 à M4860 VP

The ISTpure series of aqueous cabinet parts washers uses 600 up to 1 800 psi of high-pressure aqueous cleaning solution power to scrub parts clean with no abrasives to damage precision machined parts.
The ultimate in operator comfort, the high pressure washer keeps the operator’s hands clean and out of cleaning solution. Operator simply slips hands into gloves and directs the fluid stream of heated cleaning detergent on parts.
Fast heat-up, illuminated cabinet and window clearing blower are standard on the units. Flexible neoprene gloves, safe and convenient air actuated ON/OFF foot pedal switch, and ergonomic working height maximize user comfort and result in increased efficiency. Adjustable hand-held spray nozzle can be set to a wide fan or pinpoint.
Stream to direct cleaning power where needed. 150 mesh filter.
♦  General manufacturing ♦  Flexography
♦  Aerospace and aviation ♦  Lithography
♦  Marine ♦  Wood finishing
♦  Automotive ♦  Power & Energy
♦  Petroleum ♦  Pharmaceutical



  • 14 Gauge 304 stainless steel construction
  • 600 PSI and 90 GPH -1 hp pump that delivers cleaning power directly onto parts
  • Heater provides heat up to 120° F
  • Enhanced window blow-off utilizing air-knife technology for viewing cleaning process
  • Hinged front opening door allows full access to entire cleaning chamber
  • Variable output nozzle can be set from a wide fan to a pinpoint stream to allow operator to adjust cleaning force as needed
  • Safety door switch to stop pump if door is open
  • Work Shelf in perforated polypropylene thickness 3/8’’
  • Stainless steel tank located underneath washer
  • Level side glass and wheels for easier maintenance
  • Reservoir fits under the cabinet comes with level side glass and wheel for easier maintenanc
  • 200 lb load capacity.


  •  Air blow-off nozzle for parts drying
  • Higher PSI pump up to 1800 PSI
  • Oil Skimmer
  • Turntable
  • Front opening door

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