In order to meet all of your solvent recycling needs, IST Pure’s qualified in-house technicians offer installation and equipment start-up services to our industrial and commercial customers.

We also provide on-site technical training to your maintenance personnel so they fully understand the functionality of the new equipment, as well as good maintenance practices and operations.

In addition to installing solvent recycling systems, we also offer :

  • Inspection, repair and certification of IST PURE / IST Wash equipment and systems;
  • Training seminars in IST PURE / IST Wash systems;
  • Design, automation and implementation mechanical and electrical IST PURE / IST Wash systems;
  • Expertise in mechanical engineering and industrial automation;
  • Technical expertise and distribution of the best solvent recycling products available;.
  • Emergency technical services 24/7.

We know that our customers evaluate us by the service we provide. Our qualified team understands the importance of listening to their needs so that we can meet their expectations and fulfill our mission in adhering to the highest standards of business practices.