Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Recycler safe?
Yes. There are many built-in safety devices with multiple redundancies. The system is CSA certified to meet the UL2208 explosion-proof certification as well as NFPA codes.

Will product quality be maintained (i.e. will the distilled solvent meet or exceed original specifications)?
As long as the recycler is operated correctly and according to provided instructions, the quality of the distilled solvent should meet or exceed original specifications, and come across with no contaminant-based color.

How do I know what size system should be used?
We recommend that you speak to one of our specialists to review your operation and work with you to choose the best system as there are many variables to take into consideration.

Why use a Vacuum-Assist system?
The use of a vacuum-assist system lowers the atmospheric pressure in the cooking chamber and therefore reduces the boiling temperature of the liquid. We typically recommend vacuum assist for certain types of solvents where the boiling point and flammable limit are within certain parameters.Our specialists can identify if a vacuum-assist is needed in your operations.

Are there any regulatory issues associated with the solvent recycler?
No and Yes. Keep in mind that even though the storage of a hazardous waste is regulated; the recycling process is exempt from RCRA regulations; therefore, no permit is required for the solvent recyclers. You still need to treat the waste under RCRA requirements. There are fire codes that must be considered when installing any recycler. Our specialists can help you with that information.

Are there any codes that must be followed with the solvent recyclers?
Yes. If the solvents are considered flammable and/or combustible, you must follow one of the following depending on what is adopted in your area:

  • NFPA 30 flammable and combustible liquids code
  • NFPA 33 standard for spray application of flammable or combustible materials
  • Materials
  • NFPA 70 national electric code or
  • International Fire Code

Is the still bottom considered Hazardous Waste?
Yes. As long as the material (liquid and/or solid) was considered hazardous as received. In order to consider your disposal options, you must have the material tested for:

  • Toxicity
  • Corrosiveness
  • Ignitibility
  • Reactivity

No. If the materials were not considered hazardous as received.

Is there a possibility to create hazardous waste with the use of a solvent recycler?
No, if the materials were not hazardous to start with. The only two products resulting from the recycling process are the recovered solvent and the recovered waste. You are not creating a new product, nor are you treating the solvent.

Is there special expertise required to operate the recycler?
No. A relatively untrained person can operate the recycler. An operator's guide is provided with the unit.

How much time (labor hours per day) must be dedicated to operate the solvent recycler ?
As a general rule, you can expect to spend less than a total of ten minutes a day performing the filling process and getting the unit up and running.

How big is the equipment?

  • SR 30 – 26″ Wide x 26″ Deep x 61″ Tall
  • SR 60 – 37″ Wide x 39″ Deep x 81″ Tall
  • SR 120 – 39″ Wide x 45″ Deep x 91″ Tall
  • SR 180 – 39″ Wide x 45″ Deep x 91″ Tall
  • SR 240 – 82-5/8′ Wide x 47′ Deep x 79 5/8′ Tall

With vacuum :

  • SR 30V – 38″ Wide x 26″ Deep x 60″ Tall
  • SR 60V – 66″ Wide x 68″ Deep x 90″ Tall
  • SR 120V – 66″ Wide x 45″ Deep x 86″ Tall
  • SR 180V – 66″ Wide x 45″ Deep x 91″ Tall
  • SR 240 – 82-5/8′ Wide x 47′ Deep x 79 5/8′ Tall

How much clearance is required around the unit to allow for ease of operation and/or maintenance?
Very little is required for model SR30 & SR60….approx. 6-8″ and for model SR120 & SR180 18-24’’ behind the unit for clearance is required.

Are equipment Installation drawings and instructions available?

What are the voltage requirements – voltage and full load amperage?

  • 220 Volt 1 Phase 50 or 60 hz
  • AmperageRange: 11 amps SR30 (7.5 Gallon system)
  • 24 amps SR60 (15Gallon system)

For the larger system they work on 380V, 440V or 575V please call us for electrical details on these systems

Do you require any other utilities. i.e. water, compressed air, etc.?
No, not with our standard product. Some options, such as vacuum-assist or fluid transfer kits require compressed air.

How long is the Warranty?
2 Years Limited Warranty…..the longest in the Industry.

Is there maintenance required on the unit?
We recommend an annual tune-up by your local certified technician. Call us. We can help schedule it.

Are there wear components that will need to be replaced during the life of the unit? What parts?
The seal on the tank lid should be replaced at the annual tune-up along with the thermic oil.

What kind of recovery rate can I expect?
When the unit is operating properly, you should be recovering essentially 95-100% of the solvent that is in the waste stream. Losses are typically from evaporation that took place in the cleaning process and/or use of the solvent.

How are the still bottoms removed from the system?
Waste is collected in a special Recycler Bag. It is easily removed, contact us today should you require more bags.

Are Leasing Options available?
ISTpure does offer various lease options. Please inquire if you are interested.